All-in-1 Personal Information Manager Version History

Current version is 4.0.35 (Jan/19/2009)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

35^090119.1) F: Databases will be installed in C:\All-in-1 Data insteaad of application folder (for Vista compatibility)
34^080910.1) I: Tagmap maximization is now handled in a standard way
33^080909.1) I: Added preference to change word processor (file extension) for printing
32^080616.1) F: Registration window displayed in invisible zone
31^070924.1) I: Program adapted to work also with vertical start bar
30^070621.1) I: Restoration of calendar height and width was not precise
29^060812.2) I: Height of main window calculation takes into account height of start bar
28^060812.1) I: In Registration Window CTRL-R allows you to clear the registration key
27^051217.3) I: Password dialog now shows longer database path
26^051217.2) I: When closing the program, do not close program if user answers 'Cancel' to save prompt
25^051217.1) I: In database opening, show also files with 'apo', 'api' and 'pim' extensions (in addition to 'mdb')
24^050101.2) F: (APO Only) In Image viewer, Number of unseen pictures unduly updated in sequential mode
23^050101.1) I: (APO Only) In Image viewer, Random/sequential mode, comments hidden mode, auto/manual
mode, interval saved in slide show file
22^040411.1) I: (APO Only) In Image viewer, In normal window (non full screen, framed), improved handling
of 'original resolution' mode
21^050101.4) I: In Registration Window, display installation date (attached to request code)
20^050101.3) I: Support telephone number updated
19^050101.2) I: In tag map, time theshold for double click detection reduced to 0.3 secs
18^050101.1) N: In tag map, pressing CTL key allows you to select multiple items
17^041031.11)F: In searches and filters, error 91 if search string includes parenthesis
16^041031.10)I: In Table view, when inserting a new item, cat is set equal to cat of selected item
15^041031.9) F: Error 52 when running an item with a file path including a '*' character.
14^041031.8) F: In Tree View, refresh of current item after chanhe from other window did not work.
13^041031.7) F: In Calendar, error 94 when saving an item without expiration date.
12^041031.6) F: In Calendar, error 388 when clicking on an empty subwindow.
11^041031.5) I: In Calendar, 'running' an item that cointains an email address, a new message will be generated
to that address.
10^041031.4) F: In Calendar, error 388 in rare situations using the lists context menus.
09^041031.3) F: In Tree View, error 94 if you double click on an item with null content.
08^041031.2) F: Previous correction was incomplete.
07^041031.1) F: If program is minimized and autolock active, error when autolock timer expires.
06^040404.6) F: In calendar lists, with long lists the selection of an item in a list was not precise.
05^040404.5) I: In Synchronization, message with differences shows up to 511 characters (previously 255).
04^040404.4) I: When printing items from the Journal, show also the date.
03^040404.3) I: Improved installation program.
02^040404.2) F: Avoid sencond message box when trying to lock program while no password is set
01^040404.1) I: New registration window layout
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