Curriculum vitae of Bruno Cancellieri

Born in 1949, I have worked as IT specialist since 1973 in various multinational firms, including SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques), Cap Gemini, Digital Equipment Corporartion, Schlumberger Sema and Atos Origin, where I have managed software development projects and have been responsible of software engineering, quality assurance, knowledge management and bid management. Since 2007 I have been a free-lance, specialized in the development of websites and web applications. I have a degree in nuclear power from the Enrico Fermi institute in Roma. My mother tongue is Italian and I also speak English, French and German.

Bruno Cancellieri       


Period 2007 - 2011 (retirement)
Company Free-lance
Types of activity Design and implementation of websites and web applications
Specific activities
  • Design and implementation of a web system for automatic generation of cost and weight estimates of furnaces for oil refinement, for Linde Impianti SpA, Italian subsidiary of Linde AG
  • Design and implementation of a web-based warehouse management system for the Italian Air Force
  • Design and implementation of business web sites
Period 2001-2007
Company Sema Group, SchlumbergerSema, Atos Origin Italia SpA. (by subsequent acquisitions)
Types of activity Development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, bid management, knowledge management
Specific activities
  • Responsible of implementation of CRM solutions (management of about 40 people developing Clarify applications)
  • Responsible of Bid Management (leader of a group of bid managers and responsible of the correct application of the corporate process for managing commercial proposals in Italy)
  • Responsible of the Italian section of the Atos Origin Knowledge Management / Content Management system
  • Responsible of special projects such as the implementation of a database for managing the commercial bidding activity in Atos Origin Italia
Period 1994-2001
Company DS Telematica S.p.A. (come libero professionista)
Types of activity Software development, project management, bid management
Specific activities
  • Design and developmento of database applications (Oracle, MS Access, Visual Basic) mainly for Telecom Italia Mobile (GSM contract acquisition, SIM card management, etc)
  • Project manager for software development projects with Forté, Oracle, Visual Basic technologies for Telecom Italia Mobile and STET Hellas; co-ordination of about 30 people (Customer Care and contract acquisition for cell telephony)
  • Bid manager for very large IT commercial proposals (CRM for ENEL, invoicinng system for Wind)
Period 1990-1994
Company Digital Equipment S.p.A. in Rome and Valbonne (France)
Types of activity Consulting, Bid Management
Specific activities
  • Senior consultant (telecom solutions) mainly for Telecom Italia
  • Bid Manager for large commercial proposals
Period 1981-1990
Company Cap Gemini Italia SpA (ex SESA Italia SpA) from 1987
Types of activity Project Management, Consulting, Bid Management
Specific activities
  • Management consulting (telecom solutions) for large clients, including Alitalia, Finsider, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Banco di Santo Spirito
  • Deputy director of the Systems Engineering division
  • Responsible of Quality Assurance; author of the SESA Italia SpA quality manual
  • Bid Manager per large commercial proposals
Period 1973-1981
Company SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) in Beirut, Rome, Paris and New York
Types of activity System design and development (Message Switching and Packet Switching)
Specific activities
  • Real-time programmer (language: Assembler Univac 418)
  • System analyst


Period 2012-oggi
Fields Design and implementation of web sites and applications. Research on human nature.