How All-in-1 Personal Organizer can improve your life

You can use All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO) not only as an organizer but also as a tool to enhance your mental balance, serenity, creativity, productivity and self-control. This is an example of how you can do it.

You can collect in APO all the information that need to be “managed” that is, all the things you need to organize, remember, clean up, confront, accept, get familiar with and conciliate with one another.

Although with APO you can store information in several, specialized databases, for the sake of mind integration it is good to put all the information in a single database.

Try to "dump” your mind into the APO database. You can do this without worrying too much about the organization of the information. Thanks to the global search function, you can find any stored item regardless of the category and collections where you have put it. Later on you can start organizing the collected material and move items from one category to another.

Do you need to find ideas or remember things about a given subject? This is how to do it: create a category (using a tag map) and name it with the title of your subject. Insert a couple of items, and then launch the corresponding random map. Use all the animations available. Let the animated screen stimulate your mind. Sooner or later, new items will come to your mind: insert them (just press the INS key). After a while you may find a better title for an item: change it (just right click on the item and choose “rename”). Then you may find an item no longer necessary: delete it (just right click on the item and choose “delete”). Go ahead until you feel that you have nothing else to add or to change.

Are you afraid of something and you know you should not? APO can help you. The procedure is the same as above. Chose a title for your category that identifies your fear. Then write down all the ideas that come to your mind which describe the various aspects or elements of your fear. By doing this and watching at the animated items you have inserted, you should feel a light pressure on your stomach. It is a good sign. After 5 to 30 minutes of exposure to this stimulation the pressure should diminish and eventually terminate. Do this exercise for several days until you will feel no pressure at all. Then your fear will be overcome. Of course, at each session you can update the items of your subject, reflecting the ongoing improvement of your vision of the problem. This is what I call “confronting” session.

CAUTION: if you feel a too strong pressure on your stomach or other alarming symptoms, you should stop the session and resume it on another day. Do not overdo, overstimulation may be counterproductive.

Do you have a conflict between two or more opposite desires or motivations? Create a category and name it with a title that recalls the conflict. Then add items that represent the conflicting elements and their attributes or sub-elements. Let APO stimulate your mind with these conflicting items for 5 to 30 minutes, until new ideas will come to your mind about how to conciliate the conflicting objects or possible compromises or a strategy to manage them.

Do you find difficult to concentrate on a given subject that is unpleasant to you, but you know you should analyze it? APO will make the task easier.

Both the random map and the random item windows can be used for mind stimulation exercises. The random map has a better synoptic effect; the random item has a better surprise effect, useful when dealing with fears. I suggest you use both windows for the same topics, alternatively. Also the tag map can be used as a mind stimulator (using the auto-select option), although it has a lesser impact than the other two windows.

You may want to use collection “Improvement” to collect categories that you want to use for confronting exercises.