Pictoscope Version History

Current version is 4.0.22 (22/giu/2008)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

22^080622.1) F: Main window could become invisible.
21^070924.1) I: Program now works also with vertical start bar.
20^070806.1) I: Clear paths of previous session on startup.
19^070726.1) F: Overflow error when working with desktopo extended to 2nd monitor.
18^070512.2) F: Correction of picture zoom-in in normal view with borders.
17^070512.1) F: Correction of picture frame size in same coses of normal view with borders.
16^070418.1) I: Temporary files will be created in Windows' temporary folder.
15^050819.4) F: Auto size of non-fullscreen window takes into account variable size of start bar.
14^050819.3) I: In crop mode, use of left, right, up, dn keys has been inverted.
13^050819.2) I: In crop mode and full screen mode, you can now use page up/dn and home/end keys to move picture faster.
12^050819.1) F: Avoid error file not found after saving as jpeg to a different folder.
11^050817.3) F: Number of unseen pictures unduly updated in sequential mode.
10^050817.2) I: Random/sequential mode, comments hidden mode, auto/manual mode, interval saved in slide show file.
09^050817.1) I: In normal window (non full screen, framed), improved handling of 'original resolution' mode.
08^040411.8) I: Improved handling of change from random to sequential mode (do not go immediately to slide #1).
07^040411.7) I: Association of files jpg, gif or bmp with Pictoscope prompted at startup and inserted in start window context menu.
06^040411.6) I: In save image, dialog title shows the function you have requested.
05^040411.5) F: In slide show, avoid loading two pictures at once whenn pressing 'R' (previous correction not sufficient).
04^040411.4) F: In slide show, avoid loading two pictures at once whenn pressing 'R'.
03^040411.3) N: Function to rename files of a folder to sequence numbers.
02^040411.2) F: Overflow error when setting a picture in motion.
01^040411.1) I: Pictoscope is now free of charge.
------------------------- VERSION 4.0.0 -----------------------------
[end of version history]