All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO)

APO General description

All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO) is a personal information manager (PIM) with three main uses. First, it's a tool for managing any kind of personal information such as tasks, events, contacts, notes, file links, web links and executable key scripts. Second, it's an image viewer. Finally, it can be used as a mind stimulator useful for reflection, self-analysis and self-improvement.

All information is contained in one or more password-protected Microsoft Access 2000 databases (however, you don't need to install Access 2000).

The information is divided into up to 44 customizable domains and an unlimited number of categories.

APO can display stored information not only as a grid or list, but also as a calendar, a tree map, a tag map, a random map, a slide show of random items etc., complete with auto-tiling, drag and drop, and various kinds of animations.

As an image viewer, APO has all you need to enjoy your digital images in various comfortable ways. It includes unique slide show features such as automatic script creation, session hibernation/resumption, photo editing on-the-fly etc. The image viewing functions of APO are also available as a separate program (see Pictoscope).

With more than 20 different window forms, APO gives you in one product all the functions you may ask from a powerful, yet simple to use organizer for home and office use, plus capabilities you have never seen in any other product or even imagined.

A simplified version of APO (without the image viewer and mind management functions) is available under the name A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager).

APO is compatible with all Windows versions.

The main features of All-in-1 Personal Organizer are summarized in the following list:

  • All data are stored in a Microsoft Access 2000 database and can also be manipulated with Microsoft Access 2000; user can select the database to work with. Installation of Access 2000 is not required.
  • Password-based protection of databases
  • Up to 44 customizable “collections” (i.e. usage domains or repositories)
  • Unlimited number of categories for each collection
  • Multiple views of the same data (table, calendar, tree map, tag map, random map, random item)
  • Image viewing:
    • Displays single images, thumbnails and slide shows with auto adjustment to screen size
    • Can search image files (with string in file name) through directory trees
    • Dynamic generation of thumbnail and slide shows based on the content of a directory or the results of the file search
  • Drag and drop of records inside tables, tag maps, calendar, between tag maps, between calendar and tag maps
  • Global search (on all attributes of all collections) or collection-based search (on all attributes of a given collection)
  • Record filtering on single or multiple attributes (with “and” and ”or” logical operators)
  • Ascending/descending sorting of records based on columns selected by mouse click
  • Input of collection and category names by means of look-up lists automatically updated
  • Executes Web links, “mail-to” links, file links, directory links directly from program
  • Captures file and directory links through a navigation window
  • Can sum numeric expressions in filtered records of any collection
  • Easy input of dates from calendar forms
  • Standard clipboard cut/copy/paste functionality
  • Automatic saving of previous copies of each database (up to 4 previous versions are kept)
  • Auto-size and tiling of tag maps
  • Size and positions of tables and maps automatically saved and restored
  • Adjustable font size
  • Program lock and hide (password based, manual, or automatic after inactivity period)
  • Synchronization between the local database and an external database (e.g. between home APO and office APO databases)
  • Auto-dial of telephone numbers
  • Data import/export from/to CSV (comma delimited) files

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APO Download

All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO) v.4.0.35 (7.24 MB)

Download installation kit

Please visit the APO documentation page

All-in-1 Personal Organizer Registration Policy

All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO) can be used without registration for 30 days from installation.

Registration fee is 15 US$.

Payment can be done through PayPal, a secure, independent Internet payment service provider.

To access PayPal and buy your registration, click on the following image:


Shortly after your payment has been received by Paypal, you will receive a registration key which will allow you to use the program without limitations and without registration reminders. In 90% of cases you will receive your registration key within 12 hours.

Registration Benefits:

  • Fully functional, unrestricted copy of the software
  • FREE upgrades for one year
  • FREE and priority technical support by e-mail or telephone


Trial limitations:

  • 30-day trial period
  • Nag-screen


"Has all the features that a PIM should, Contacts, Scheduler, Passwords without having to have three or more programs installed. Code is solidly written too." (SaltyDog)

"It has a multi-faceted interface and a comprehensive array of features." (szuck)

"Love the program and use it daily. I've used it for record keeping (among many other things) for my time sheets which is why I need to export the data. The flexibility is great." (Douglas C.)

"The All-in-1 Personal Organizer really delivers! I have tried nearly every organizer out there looking for one that would be the right fit for my work as a
writer/research but was always dissatisfied. However, the All-in-1 truly has everything I need in an organizer! I love it!" (ebferree)

"Thanks for your help. It's very good to see a programmer contributing something useful to society. Great product, great business man." (Paul L.)

"I can see so much potential in using your program, thank you for creating it. I use the GTD method of time management and it will fit in just fine." (Carol L.)

"Just been in grad school for a year.. nothin kept me this organised before!!! Very flexibile for organising all kinds of information. The multiple ways in
which the information can be displayed also helps make it easy to find info and reorganise it. Performance has also been very stable. i might spend rest of my life using this organiser." (raghunath1982)

"A great tool to organize free thinkers. As a Safety Director I have many projects, appointments, and I'm researching things all the time. So far I've been
able to use All-In-1 to organize even my free form notes and thoughts. The color coding helps as does the versitility and depth of the cross-referencing.
It's very intuitive, for me at least..." (RUSafe1)

"Useful, flexible, convenient features. Enjoy the color-coding, varied, flexible scheduling, categories and multi-faceted search & filter functions. Drag &
drop is a time/frustration saver." (Mishava)

"It is well integrated and is easy to navigate." (patrickmayo)

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All-in-1 Personal Organizer Version History

Current version is 4.0.35 (Jan/19/2009)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

35^090119.1) F: Databases will be installed in C:\All-in-1 Data insteaad of application folder (for Vista compatibility)
34^080910.1) I: Tagmap maximization is now handled in a standard way
33^080909.1) I: Added preference to change word processor (file extension) for printing
32^080616.1) F: Registration window displayed in invisible zone
31^070924.1) I: Program adapted to work also with vertical start bar
30^070621.1) I: Restoration of calendar height and width was not precise
29^060812.2) I: Height of main window calculation takes into account height of start bar
28^060812.1) I: In Registration Window CTRL-R allows you to clear the registration key
27^051217.3) I: Password dialog now shows longer database path
26^051217.2) I: When closing the program, do not close program if user answers 'Cancel' to save prompt
25^051217.1) I: In database opening, show also files with 'apo', 'api' and 'pim' extensions (in addition to 'mdb')
24^050101.2) F: (APO Only) In Image viewer, Number of unseen pictures unduly updated in sequential mode
23^050101.1) I: (APO Only) In Image viewer, Random/sequential mode, comments hidden mode, auto/manual
mode, interval saved in slide show file
22^040411.1) I: (APO Only) In Image viewer, In normal window (non full screen, framed), improved handling
of 'original resolution' mode
21^050101.4) I: In Registration Window, display installation date (attached to request code)
20^050101.3) I: Support telephone number updated
19^050101.2) I: In tag map, time theshold for double click detection reduced to 0.3 secs
18^050101.1) N: In tag map, pressing CTL key allows you to select multiple items
17^041031.11)F: In searches and filters, error 91 if search string includes parenthesis
16^041031.10)I: In Table view, when inserting a new item, cat is set equal to cat of selected item
15^041031.9) F: Error 52 when running an item with a file path including a '*' character.
14^041031.8) F: In Tree View, refresh of current item after chanhe from other window did not work.
13^041031.7) F: In Calendar, error 94 when saving an item without expiration date.
12^041031.6) F: In Calendar, error 388 when clicking on an empty subwindow.
11^041031.5) I: In Calendar, 'running' an item that cointains an email address, a new message will be generated
to that address.
10^041031.4) F: In Calendar, error 388 in rare situations using the lists context menus.
09^041031.3) F: In Tree View, error 94 if you double click on an item with null content.
08^041031.2) F: Previous correction was incomplete.
07^041031.1) F: If program is minimized and autolock active, error when autolock timer expires.
06^040404.6) F: In calendar lists, with long lists the selection of an item in a list was not precise.
05^040404.5) I: In Synchronization, message with differences shows up to 511 characters (previously 255).
04^040404.4) I: When printing items from the Journal, show also the date.
03^040404.3) I: Improved installation program.
02^040404.2) F: Avoid sencond message box when trying to lock program while no password is set
01^040404.1) I: New registration window layout
------------------------- VERSION 4.0.xx -----------------------------