All-in-1 Personal Organizer Testimonials

NOTE: due to the fact that A-PIM is just a simplified version of APO (lacking image viewer and mind stimulating functions) the list includes testimonials applying to both products.

"Has all the features that a PIM should, Contacts, Scheduler, Passwords without having to have three or more programs installed. Code is solidly written too." (SaltyDog)

"It has a multi-faceted interface and a comprehensive array of features." (szuck)

"Love the program and use it daily. I've used it for record keeping (among many other things) for my time sheets which is why I need to export the data. The flexibility is great." (Douglas C.)

"The All-in-1 Personal Organizer really delivers! I have tried nearly every organizer out there looking for one that would be the right fit for my work as a
writer/research but was always dissatisfied. However, the All-in-1 truly has everything I need in an organizer! I love it!" (ebferree)

"Thanks for your help. It's very good to see a programmer contributing something useful to society. Great product, great business man." (Paul L.)

"I can see so much potential in using your program, thank you for creating it. I use the GTD method of time management and it will fit in just fine." (Carol L.)

"Just been in grad school for a year.. nothin kept me this organised before!!! Very flexibile for organising all kinds of information. The multiple ways in
which the information can be displayed also helps make it easy to find info and reorganise it. Performance has also been very stable. i might spend rest of
my life using this organiser." (raghunath1982)

"A great tool to organize free thinkers. As a Safety Director I have many projects, appointments, and I'm researching things all the time. So far I've been
able to use All-In-1 to organize even my free form notes and thoughts. The color coding helps as does the versitility and depth of the cross-referencing.
It's very intuitive, for me at least..." (RUSafe1)

"Useful, flexible, convenient features. Enjoy the color-coding, varied, flexible scheduling, categories and multi-faceted search & filter functions. Drag &
drop is a time/frustration saver." (Mishava)

"Easy to use life-organizer. This program is more than an appointment calendar or ToDo List organizer. There are a lot of opportunities to put more meaning into everyday tasks. And what you want to keep private you can keep private with passwords. The whole interface uses Windows to good advantage. You'll spend time with this program and then be able to spend the rest of your life in better productivity. I think at first glance, the program can seem overwhelming because it's so comprehensive. There's almost too much to do and use." (boba110)

"Very useful, wonderful organiser. Very flexibile for organising all kinds of information. The multiple ways in which the information can be displayed also helps make it easy to find info and reorganise it. Performance has also been very stable". (hwangyn)

"Just entering college this programs variety of features were very helpful. Inspiring appearance, many tools and varieties of customization." (bluetoo)

"A really great tool to keep things findable. Fast search along many different items in lots of categories. Can easily change nearly anything. Great image viewer! And I use it to keep my favorites synchronized along several computers..." (Tobias S.)

"I really like your program very much - thank you for writing it - it has helped me already so much." (Martin M.)

"Thank you, I love this program... I have been searching for something this broad in focus for a while" (Andrea Christine T.)

"It does all I expect from a PIM and more. I have been using previous versions of this program for more than a year, mainly for keeping my contacts, web links, passwords and things to do. I am not really interested in the mind management functions (although they look quite impressive) and for image viewing I prefer to use Pictoscope (from the same author) which has the same functions but is faster to load (I especially like the slide show features, with the automatic script creation from folder trees, the crop on the fly and the possibility to resume a suspended show from the point of suspension over different program sessions)." (Veronika S.)

"I must say that I am quite impressed with the ability to move from one source of information to another. This, I think, is one of the strongest features of your program. Keep up the great work. " ... "it is so varied and comprehensive" (Christopher L.)

"Better than most products of similar scope" (Luis)

"Having been fed-up with Outlook I was delighted to find your APO. I knew I'd latched onto something very different from what I expected. I printed the User Guide and read it for two days before even venturing into the Demo dB. As I read the manual I was reminded of the DOS days long ago and a program called MaxThink, by a brilliant guy named Neil Larson. MaxThink was a new concept and helped be enormously. And, I see that your APO is ahead of its time, and way out in front of everything else. I have it up and running, with all my info loaded, and it is a joy to use. I continue to learn more daily. Thank you for such a fine and well written product. (Ron)

"Thank to this wonderful program, the more i know how to use it, i found i can not manage my daily life without it" (Liu L.)

"Good, somewhat complex, not flashy, functional. I found this product to be what I need. It isn't visually flashy, but it works well and helps." (Cam)

"Excellent". (Rob)

"My search is over". (Patrick)

"Thanks again for the wonderful job you did on APO" (Pam C.)

"Excellent Calendaring Program. I have looked high and low for a calendaring program that didn't make me feel like I had to program it. I finally found it." (Deb)

"Very Good Personal Organizer. Excellent for time management end improve your effectiveness." (Christoffer145)

"Featrue Rich PIM, rivaling MS Outlook. I especially like the databases that can be generated and backed up. learning curve is steep with good tutorials. Once you get it, very easy navigate and use. More stuff than I can use, but good to have." (Betaman)

"The Swiss Army Knife of PIMs. At first I was a bit daunted, but within 30 minutes I figured out how to customize and use the program in a way that is best for me. It has a lot of features and different ways to organize Like a Swiss Army Knife it is well made and has a lot of features; this program is sharp" (Beach Billy)

"Just what I've been looking for! I am working on a timeline and so far I have a lot of fragmented unorganized information.. this is exactly the kind of program I have been looking for to help me organize and piece together this information. Thanks to APO my work just became easier.. I'm even having fun doing it!" (Happicat)

"Thanks, I love your program" (Catherine I.)

"Thank you for a ***very*** fine program. Never before have I seen a program that allows seamless integration of many different types of information. Personal Organizer is complex enough for the advanced user yet user-friendly enough for any novice. The options for customizing the interface were absolutely mind-boggling. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product." (M. C.)

"Thank you for putting out such a nice QUALITY product!" (Scott L.)

"I am not affiliated with these people, but if you need a good organizer to help you in your life, check out the All In One Personal Organizer. This program has a 30 day trial so you can decide if you like it or not. Another thing is, the help files really help! So you can be using the program long before the free trial ends." (Jim K.)

"Thanks for your answer, my problem is solved and I am very happy using this program, which is just what I needed to organise my things, and I can tell you that I have tried some during the last years." (Jos v.d.H)

"... I could see the potential for this program to be great. I had and, indeed, still, have enough foresight to realize I had been given a sort of electronic “tabula rasa”; an “empty slate”, if you will, with an unlimited supply of multicolored chalk. Now it’s up to me to draw the “picture” however I see fit. It’s a wonderful concept and exactly the type of program I have been looking for." (Donald W.)

"The PIM I have been looking for! This is the closest thing to a "perfect" PIM that I have found. I had first got it for the journaling aspect, but then as I explored the program, found it was great for storing/organizing all sorts of info. Contacts, important dates and tasks can all be dealt with very easily." (Starblazie)

"One of the best Personal organizers. I was curious when this program was downloaded. I needed an organizer but did not want to go MS again :-( You will find so many options that at first you wonder what they all are good for. But soon you discover the use of all the categories and bless the makers foresight. You can store more or less all info you possibly can have on your own person. And when I mean all I DO mean all. The fact that it reminds me of a similar program I had during my Amiga years does it even more fun. I'm still testing this software but may very well pay the registration fee. I know good software when I se it!" (Proteus)

"A PIM full of original ideas! A well thought out organizer with smart solutions I looked for in vain in many products and with many others I haven't even dreamed of!" (Lunamart)

"I like simple, yet breadth and this program qualified by that standard. I use MS Office 2000 and found it unweilding when I needed Outlook and Access and etc to be a PIM. Frustrated to no end. Bought WordPerfect 2000/2002 and found it to be worse than MS Office. Both programs are either complex or not tied together well enough. Years ago I used Time&Chaos until I out grew that (gave program to parents). Been using it for a week now and am spending less time hunting for my thought. Better organization and integration and yet, follows my standard of simple yet with breadth. Great Program!!!" (Mark S.)

"This is by far the best program I have ever seen. I have been looking for a program like this for over a year now." (Lance M.)

"You have every reason to be proud of your is a powerful program, easy to use and provides everything that I could ask for. And it is made even more powerful by the mind management features, which I find invaluable. I often use the random item view to recall events in my life, to remember people I know or have known, to focus on ideas or thoughts, to instill positive affirmations in my mind, and to remind myself of the good things in this life. Sometimes I sit down and enter perhaps 20 or 30 thoughts or ideas at a time, one after the other, and store them away. Later I will replay them randomly and I am constantly amazed how one thought will randomly connect with another and generate even more new thoughts or ideas, with connections I might never have made otherwise. So not only does your software allow me to organize all the details of my life, I believe that it also improves the quality of my life at the same time. All of us who happily use your program owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for this software that you have created." (Barry S.)

"I really like the application, by the way. It's really quite nifty - I downloaded and tried out a few PIMs all at once, and I like your program for its stability and functionality, not to mention the design and interface, so I'm sticking with it." (Diane T.)

"I am impressed by this software. You have obviously put quite a bit of time and consideration into the software. It is a First-rate program, without equal anywhere at any price. The 'everything in one place' concept is far and above the way to go for a comprehensive PIM. Thank you for an excellent product at a very reasonable price." (Jerry O.)

"This product is excellent. Easy to use and well organized." (Neuro333)

"I've been looking for a perfect PIM for ME, for quite a long time (more than 10 years), and I think I've finally found it" (Miguel S.)

"Thanks for taking the time to create a truly versatile program" (Berk D.)

"The look is very good. The HELP feature is very well thought out and provides some great tips and instructions to not only get organized, but improve your skills as well! As a new owner of a home based online business www.(URL removed).com, after years of corporate America, I appreciate the software's ability to record and track all aspects of my business, including appointments, transactions, financials and more. I also like the different views which you have provided to make it easier to locate data. You have thought of many things that I would not have dreamed of in a Personal Organizer. The layout of the software makes it easy to use even for a beginner. The feature that pushed me over the top to make the decision to buy is the Journal. There are many Personal Organizers out there with simple notepads and a Calendar, but yours offers me a way to keep record AND THEN FIND of all of my transactions and appointments without having to jump from one program to another. Kudos' to you!!" (Don S.)

"I really enjoy using this product. It does all I need it to do, and more. Great product." (T McD)

"This is an excellent program. User friendly and very efficient...I like this one!!!" (Rod B.)

" help many people by providing a good program ..." (Chau-Chin L.)

"One of the most comprehensive and innovative organizers...has capabilities I've been looking for for years" (Aaron)

"Thanks so much. I spent a few minutes with the program last night and was really impressed. This seems to be a labor of love for you. I look forward to digging in to the details.". "A powerful way to integrate your life--thinking, doing, growing. I have evaluated 6 other PIMs. This is the best." (David M.)

"I found your software while searching for some type of software package to help me manage my life. I went to your web site and feel your philosophy for you software package to align with my needs (many different programs to do many things, it would be nice to have one do most of these tasks)." (John F.)

"I have only used your program for less than 1 hour after downloading from CNET and I give you a thumbs up. ... Now you have given me the push to do more work in Access myself for my clients ... I am a neophyte but now how good it could be seeing what you did, My hat is off to you my friend." (Darell M.)

"I have been searching for the ultimate knowledgebase/info manager for years...and have discarded every freeware, shareware, payware, commercial product I've found.....looks like you've got something interesting here. Interesting that you built it on Access....good database, that you didn't have to write yourself...." (Stephen S.)

"This is a wonderful program. I am very impressed. I've recommended it to both my writer's group and my company" (S. M. J.)

"Finally, a database that does what I want. I've found this program has met my needs without spending a great deal of money. It is not complicated to use, and is has just about every option you could want. The main thing I like is how you can open random maps and have the contents move about the screen. I use this feature to help generate new approaches to problems I encounter in writing/plotting. In all, this is the program of choice from three years of trying out every type of PIM, or Mind Management software out there. I highly recommend it. (Andrew S.)

"If you are very Linear in your approach to your mind as well as the way you do things, this is absolutely the perfect organizer. If you THINK the way you WRITE PROGRAMS, this is the very thing that integrates what you do with how you think." ... " The Beat If Not Better! Far more then could be expected. I can't imagine having the ability to create such a program." (Frank C.)

"Everything you need in a PIM and more." (R. Z.)

"I find this is a superb program and I hope you keep the updates coming." (Mark L.)

"I have just downloaded it and find it fascinating." ... "I really like it so far......I have tried numerous 'free form' database type programs and I like the simplicity of yours" (Robert C.)

"Congratulations on your creation. I have been looking for a PIM like this for a long time" (Miguel S.)

"I'm in the news business and I have to keep track of all sorts of information. I've tried dozens of databases to help me keep organized, but this is the only one I still use. If you are a student or researcher of any kind, this is one program you've got to have. All your information will be at your finger tips."

"AMAZING!!! I just walked myself through the demo database and it is amazing at how much information I can store in this program. I'm not sure if I have that much info. I've been looking for a PIM for the last few weeks, and I was mainly looking for a program that was easy to use and had an address book and calendar. Your program has all of this and more. I will be spending so much more time on my computer just contemplating my life to put the information down. I intend to use this program probably more than any other program that I have because there are so many more things it can do with it. Thank you so much. My search is over" (Kim T.)

"I really admire software programmers like you" ... "I liked your Organizer on first sight because it looks good and complex, not like those shabby win3.1-like delphi interfaces" (Marion)

"Well, well, Bruno! This thing is HUGE! It looks to me like the product I was looking for! Wonderful functionality (although lots to learn...)" (Thomas D.)

" I have been on the lookout for just such a programme for quite some time" (Parallax)

"I am still working with Personal Mind Organizer and find the product highly beneficial to my needs" (Lewis S.)

"Pretty cool concept." ... "I like being able to pull up related information from different areas at one time." (Roger L.)

"...what a wonderful piece of work Personal Mind Manager is." (Andrew S.)

"I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a good time management and freeform database take a good look at this software. I am just beginning to really use it and find it always has place on my desktop now. The more you use it, the more self explanatory the program is." (Carl A.)

"I love the looks of this program, and I have been searching for one integrated program to do several things..." ... "It's a great job you did!" (Davelyn V)

"Excellent general database. This is a simple concept implemented with a very good design. The more I use it, the better I like it." (rwf)

"I like the fact that I don't have to go up to use flip-down menus, as used in most Windows applications, all I have to do is right-click and there are my pertinent options. Well done!" (Terry C.)

"The randomizing features are a unique and very nice addition too as I am particularly interested in discovering new and unexpected links between apparently unrelated data." ... "I have been looking for software to help organise this great sprawling mess for a long time and to date the Personal Mind Manager appears to be the most useful tool I've found." (Mick S.)

"It seems to be a very thoughtfully designed piece of software." (Philip L.)

"Very complete reminder. Easy to use and a very complete "brain storming "agenda for all kind of work including a photograph files holder. You have to try it." (Decio B.)

"Thank you so much for allowing people to use this program" ... "It really impresses me that you are more thoughtful of how it will be used in a personal sense rather than a business sense. What other software can you say does that?" ... "Love the graphics and the setup. Such an easy install. This program is way too cool!! Thank you again." (Lisa M.)

"I have a palm, but at home on my personal computer your product will work easier." (James T.)

"I do like your program and I have tried many other software, I sincerely think it is the best I can find so far" (P. Nien Hu)

"Thank you for creating such amazing program." (Kimberly C.)

"Clean and simple. No bells and whistles. Not 1000 windows and buttons to navigate. Just a clean and simple organizer that does what I need and only what I need."

"An ideal reminder of things to do. By placing the program in my start-up folder, it reminds me of things to do. I have made some suggestions for improvement, but by and large it is a good PIM, particularly as a reminder."

"Great! Finally a PIM that includes everything! Thank you!" (Andie)

"I really like using it, because not only does it function as a great journaling tool (the real reason I bought it), it's also good for the collecting the information I need and want to use. I also like that I can pick/change categories and organize info however I want to and I am not limited to the amount of info it can store or number of categories. This program I think works well not only for the beginning user, but the for the advanced user and I intend to make use of it more and more as I become more proficient. Thank you for such an outstanding program!" (Clarissa F.)

"My sincere congratulations for the hard work" (Abul K.)

"Thank you for a truly great program" (Bert H.)

"The best organizer ever seen. I have downloaded quite a few organizers and uninstalled them shortly after, feeling that they all lacked something. I am interested in behavioral science and photography and as soon as I got this product running, I discovered that this was what I have always looked for. Original, creative, has an incredible amount of useful options, gives you the opportunity to fully personalize it. Outstanding, accurate image viewer. It's worth every minute you may want to spend to learn its may functionalities. Highly recommended!" (Antonella N.)

"Thanks for devising such a great program" (David S.)

"Relaxes the mind! Amazing. First I didn't believe a word. But it really did the trick! My mind is very calm now, and I see all things in new light. Thanks to All-In-1. Amazing software" (uc)

"Thank you for creating the All-in-1 Personal Organizer. I am enjoying using it. It is a solid, useful program. The image viewer and random tag/item generator are innovative and enjoyable. Thank you." (Pam C.)

"Thank you, Bruno! This looks like it will be exactly what I need - a repository for all the tidbits of information I've got scattered all over the house!" (Nancy W.)

"It is well integrated and is easy to navigate." (patrickmayo)