Smart Quote Organiser Version History

Current version is 1.27 (30/aug/2011)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

27^120830.1) F: Error 3075 while adding record for author with apostrophe in name (with add quote)
26^120105.1) F: Eliminated duplicated '3' in ratings dropdown list
25^110318.1) F: Error 3075 while adding record for author with apostrophe in name
24^101126.1) F: Error 3346 while adding subject from min window
23^101126.2) I: Better handling of subject add/update
22^101126.1) F: Error 3061 in subject filter
21^100208.1) I: New function export to HTML file (importable to
20^091127.1) F: Button with link to registration policy was not working
19^090927.1) I: Database structure changed18^090120.1) I: Quote database can now be placed in any folder
17^090119.1) F: Database now placed in C:\Smartquote_db instead of application folder (for Visata compatibility)
16^080616.1) F: Main window placed in wrong position
15^080217.1) F: Application name was not set in some cases
14^080203.1) I: Import of quotes - parenthesis may contain text other than the authorìs name
13^070925.1) F: Program now adapted to work with vertical start bar
12^070704.2) F: Correction of small layout errors under Windows Vista
11^070704.1) F: Error 3075 on saving first quote after deleting all quotes
10^070329.1) F: It was not possible to add a paragraph to a quote.
09^060101.9) I: 'Replace' function added in subject management window.
08^060101.8) F: Slide show continuously repeated the same quote in some cases.
07^060101.7) I: Rate filter now handles rate range (from-to).
06^060101.6) I: Minor improvements.
05^060101.5) F: Minor bugs corrected.
04^060101.4) F: Minor bugs corrected.
03^060101.3) F: Minor bugs corrected.
02^060101.2) I: Function 'Web Sites management' included.
01^060101.1) I: First relase
------------------------- VERSION 1.0 -----------------------------