Sync Assistant Version History

Current version is 1.21 (Sep/19/2008)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

21^080919.1) F: Layout with very large screen had slight overlapping of graphic elements.
20^080915.1) F: Layout wrong with certain very high definition graphic cards.
19^080616.1) F: Main window placed in wrong position.
18^080202.1) I: History temporary file in now in a 'tmp' subfolder the installation folder.
17^070925.1) F: Tree scanning could ignore folders used as webs by Frontpage 2003.
16^070726.1) F: Dynamic layout of form was slightly incorrect under Windows Vista.
15^070429.1) F: Resizing of window 'the following branches do not match' disabled.
14^070418.1) F: Resizing was not working on maximized window.
13^070331.1) F: Avoid error when tmp file not found (compatibility issue with Windows Vista).
12^051101.10) F: On error due to access denied, do not display error message if error recovered.
11^051101.9) F: On error due to access denied, show diagnostic and do not update list boxes.
10^051101.8) F: Correct colors for use with Windows XP interface.
09^051101.7) F: Avoid false errors when copy operation lasts long.
08^051101.6) I: Proceeed automatically to next comparison after deletion of files if directories aligned.
07^051101.5) F: Button 'Next subdir' disappears after form resizing.
06^051101.4) F: Main window remains disabled by mistake when history data unavailable.
05^051101.3) F: Main window disabled during processing.
04^051101.2) I: Option to ignore 1-hour differences.
03^051101.1) F: Main window disabled during processing.
02^050101.3) I: Max nr of folders and files per folder now=3000 and introduced check on limit reached.
01^050101.2) F: All files but the first one losing all capitalization within their filenames.
00^050101.1) I: First relase ('Sync Assistant' is the new name of Cute Mirror 3.0.05).
------------------------- VERSION 1.0 -----------------------------