Sync Assistant

Sync Assistant General Description


Sync Assistant is a tool for comparing two directories or directory trees and assist with file alignment.

A typical utilization of Sync Assistant is when you want to keep a copy of your data files (which you frequently create or update) in a different disk for backup purpose. By the way, It is strongly recommended to do that as a daily habit, as the hard disk of your PC will crash sooner or later, without any prior warning.

Sync Assistant will compare two directory trees and tell you the differences in a simple form, allowing you to selectively align files in either direction, just by clicking on buttons or by dragging and dropping file names.

Sync Assistant will not perform any automatic change after detecting and showing the differences between two directory trees. All alignments must be explicitly requested by the user.

The comparison results are presented as file names distributed over five result boxes:

1) files existing only in directory 1
2) files existing only in directory 2
3) files existing in both directories, with same size and date (i.e. "aligned")
4) files existing in both directories, with date more recent in directory 1
5) files existing in both directories, with date more recent in directory 2

The user can move files across the 5 boxes (by dragging and dropping) or press the buttons below the boxes to force alignment of the files contained therein.

Files can be deleted and inspected in terms of length and date/time.

A history panel shows the comparisons performed in previous runs of Sync Assistant, in the form of a list of directory pairs. The user can repeat a previous comparison by clicking on the respective line of the history list.

Sync Assistant is easy to use, essential, fast, safe and reliable. It does what is needed in most cases, nothing more and nothing less. The user interface is intuitive and self explaining. You don't need to read any help or user manual to use it.

Sync Assistant is compatible with all Windows versions.

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Sync Assistant Download

Sync Assistant v.1.22 (1.53 MB)

Download installation kit

Sync Assistant Registration Policy

Sync Assistant can be used without registration for 30 days from installation.

Registration fee is 15 US$.

Payment can be done through PayPal, a secure, independent Internet payment service provider.

To access PayPal and buy your registration, click on the following image:

Shortly after your payment has been received by Paypal, you will receive a registration key which will allow you to use the program without limitations and without registration reminders. In 90% of cases you will receive your registration key within 12 hours.

Registration Benefits:

  • Fully functional, unrestricted copy of the software
  • FREE upgrades for one year
  • FREE and priority technical support by e-mail or telephone


Trial limitations:

  • 30-day trial period
  • Nag-screen


Sync Assistant Version History

Current version is 1.21 (Sep/19/2008)

It includes the following changes (F = bug fixed, I = improvement, N = new function)

21^080919.1) F: Layout with very large screen had slight overlapping of graphic elements.
20^080915.1) F: Layout wrong with certain very high definition graphic cards.
19^080616.1) F: Main window placed in wrong position.
18^080202.1) I: History temporary file in now in a 'tmp' subfolder the installation folder.
17^070925.1) F: Tree scanning could ignore folders used as webs by Frontpage 2003.
16^070726.1) F: Dynamic layout of form was slightly incorrect under Windows Vista.
15^070429.1) F: Resizing of window 'the following branches do not match' disabled.
14^070418.1) F: Resizing was not working on maximized window.
13^070331.1) F: Avoid error when tmp file not found (compatibility issue with Windows Vista).
12^051101.10) F: On error due to access denied, do not display error message if error recovered.
11^051101.9) F: On error due to access denied, show diagnostic and do not update list boxes.
10^051101.8) F: Correct colors for use with Windows XP interface.
09^051101.7) F: Avoid false errors when copy operation lasts long.
08^051101.6) I: Proceeed automatically to next comparison after deletion of files if directories aligned.
07^051101.5) F: Button 'Next subdir' disappears after form resizing.
06^051101.4) F: Main window remains disabled by mistake when history data unavailable.
05^051101.3) F: Main window disabled during processing.
04^051101.2) I: Option to ignore 1-hour differences.
03^051101.1) F: Main window disabled during processing.
02^050101.3) I: Max nr of folders and files per folder now=3000 and introduced check on limit reached.
01^050101.2) F: All files but the first one losing all capitalization within their filenames.
00^050101.1) I: First relase ('Sync Assistant' is the new name of Cute Mirror 3.0.05).
------------------------- VERSION 1.0 -----------------------------