Curriculum vitae of Bruno Cancellieri

Born in 1949, have worked as IT specialist since 1973 in various multinational firms, including SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques), Cap Gemini, Digital Equipment, SchlumbergerSema and Atos Origin, where I have managed software development projects and have been responsible of software engineering, quality assurance, knowledge management and bid management. Since 2007 I am a free-lance, specialized in the development of web sites and applications. I have a degree in nuclear power from the Enrico Fermi institute in Roma. My mother tongue is Italian and I also speak English, French and German.

Bruno Cancellieri       


Period 2007-today
Company Free-lance
Types of activity Design and implementation of web sites and database applications
Specific activities
  • Design and implementation of (reciprocal knowledge through self-interviews), a system to get in contact with persons seeking or offering what you are offering or seeking
  • Design and implementation of mindOrganizer (personal mind laboratory), a web-based information management system for organization, study, fun and self-improvement
  • Cofounder and main developer of Tutors-Live, a meeting platform for students and teachers of any subject and language
  • Design and implementation of a web system for automatic generation of cost and weight estimates of furnaces for oil refinement, for Linde Impianti SpA, Italian subsidiary of Linde AG
  • Design and implementation of a web-based warehouse management system for the Italian Air Force
  • Design and implementation of business web sites
Period 2001-2007
Company Sema Group, SchlumbergerSema, Atos Origin Italia SpA. (by subsequent acquisitions)
Types of activity Development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, bid management, knowledge management
Specific activities
  • Responsible of implementation of CRM solutions (co-ordination of about 40 people developing Clarify applications)
  • Responsible of Bid Management (leader of a group of bid managers and responsible of the correct application of the corporate process for managing commercial proposals in Italy)
  • Responsible of the Italian section of the Atos Origin Knowledge Management / Content Management system
  • Responsible of special projects such as the implementation of a database for managing the commercial bidding activity in Atos Origin Italia
Period 1994-2001
Company DS Telematica S.p.A. (come libero professionista)
Types of activity Software development, project management, bid management
Specific activities
  • Design and developmento of database applications (Oracle, MS Access, Visual Basic) mainly for Telecom Italia Mobile (GSM contract acquisition, SIM card management, etc)
  • Project manager for software development projects with Forté, Oracle, Visual Basic technologies for Telecom Italia Mobile and STET Hellas; co-ordination of about 30 people (Customer Care and contract acquisition for cell telephony)
  • Bid manager for very large IT commercial proposals (CRM for ENEL, invoicinng system for Wind)
Period 1990-1994
Company Digital Equipment S.p.A. in Rome and Valbonne (France)
Types of activity Consulting, Bid Management
Specific activities
  • Senior consultant (telecom solutions) mainly for Telecom Italia
  • Bid Manager for large commercial proposals
Period 1981-1990
Company Cap Gemini Italia SpA (ex SESA Italia SpA) from 1987
Types of activity Project Management, Consulting, Bid Management
Specific activities
  • Management consulting (telecom solutions) for large clients, including Alitalia, Finsider, BNL, Banco di Santo Spirito
  • Deputy director of the Systems Engineering division
  • Resaponsible of Quality Assurance e CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering); author of the SESA Italia SpA quality manual
  • Bid Manager per large commercial proposals
Period 1973-1981
Company SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) in Beirut, Rome, Paris and New York
Types of activity System design and development (Message Switching and Packet Switching)
Specific activities
  • Real-time programmer (language: Assembler Univac 418)
  • System analyst